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Moshia’s treatment regimens have saved the lives of many families and individuals.  In most cases, when someone comes to Moshia, they are in crisis.  Moshia’s goal is to return them to normal functioning.  Below are six stories of those in crisis who were not only able to survive the crisis but also moved on to become functioning and productive members of society.


Faygie, age 16, has OCD with handwashing.  Before connecting with Moshia, she washed her hands many, many times each day.  She spent 3-4 hours per day in the bathroom.  She used scotchbrite on her hands and had many wounds from the overwashing and the chemicals.  She also flooded her apartment on a regular basis.  Other than this particular problem, Faygie was completely normal – she did well in school and has friends.  She and her mother got in many fights about the water/washing issue until finally, right before Rosh HaShana one year, her mother threw her out and sent her to her Aunt’s house.  This did not work either.  Moshia sent her to a special home for girls like Faygie in another city in Israel.  Faygie was prescribed medicine to control her OCD but like many clients of Moshia, she refused to take it.  Moshia sent someone every day to make sure Faygie takes her pills. 

handwashing OCD

Successful outcome thanks to Moshia

Within less than a year after instituting Moshia’s program, Faygie was able to return to her home and resume a normal life. 


After Simon got married, he pressured his wife to stay at home for most of the first 2 years.  When she was giving birth, Simon went underneath the birthing table so he could see everything going on.  When his wife came home from the hospital, he would not let her mother come over.  He blocked the door with his body so no one would enter.  Through Moshia’s intervention, Simon was hospitalized for three weeks and given medicine to take care of what turned out to be Bipolar disorder. 

Successful outcome thanks to Moshia

Now Simon is doing very well. He is gainfully employed, he and his wife have 3 children, and the marriage is good.


Davie was an excellent student but due to his undiagnosed OCD, he did not have friends and was chronically late.  Eventually, he was thrown out of his school.  Davie’s father also suffered from OCD and the family was very poor.  Moshia provided psychiatric care for Davie and sent someone to his house for half an hour each morning and evening to offer support and make sure that Davie took his medicine.

OCD teenage boy

Successful outcome thanks to Moshia

After six months of Moshia’s regimen, Davie’s OCD is under control, he has returned to school, and is doing very well. 


Becky got married at age 19 and began to act manic very soon after her marriage.  She went to what turned out to be a very incompetent doctor who prescribed Zoloft, which made her much worse.  She spent large amounts of money on shopping sprees with her credit card.  She was dressing in inappropriate clothing.  Becky and her husband got divorced.  The Head of Moshia met Becky on a trip to the United States.  He took responsibility for her and brought her to Israel.  The staff of Moshia consulted with her family members and provided guidance for Becky.  Through Moshia, she met with the head of the Psychiatry Department at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital (a world-renowned hospital in Jerusalem).  He diagnosed her as suffering from Bipolar Disorder and  prescribed for her medication that helped tremendously. 

young woman Bipolar Disorder

Successful outcome thanks to Moshia

Becky took some courses and took her medicine and completely recovered.  She remarried her husband and is now back in the United States working as a store manager and managing a staff of ten people!


Sam’s mother is French and his father from Israel.  His parents divorced when Sam was very young and his mother remarried a Frenchman and three more children were born from Sam’s mother’s second marriage.   Sam was suffering from extreme anxiety and OCD by age 13.  Moshia brought him to a leading Professor of Psychiatry at Tel Aviv University, who prescribed the appropriate medication.  Sam was sent to a boarding school in France where he would receive the appropriate services for his condition and be away from unhealthy family dynamics.

Obsessive compulsive disorder boy

Successful outcome thanks to Moshia

Sam thrived in the boarding school in France and is doing very well now. 


Michael is married with one child.  He suffers from Bipolar disorder.  His wife is an orphan.  He had been taking medication and working part-time.  When Michael stopped taking his medicine, he became manic and lost his job.  He began walking the streets all day.  Moshia began sending someone to the house to help the family. 

broken man

Successful outcome thanks to Moshia

After 4 months of intervention which got him back on his medicine and back to his former routine, Michael was able to return to work and to his previous life and is doing well.


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